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Camping and grilling as of late…

September 6, 2012

I’ve gotten a lot more practice since my earlier summer grilling adventures. Nothing fell on the ground. Nothing was burned. I’ve learned to relax a little while holding the tongs so my hands aren’t still shaking hours later. I’m finally getting the hang of this! I tried a few wonderful recipes while camping, but we devoured them before I thought to take a picture. We had to eat fast before the bugs ate all our food anyway.  I did get a few food pictures from camping though…

roasting mini marshmallows

Roasting mini marshmallows over the leftover coals

mini marshmallows

roasted mini marshmallows

Mini marshmallow perfection!

coconut french toast

For breakfast one morning we made dairy-free French toast with vanilla coconut milk and cooked in coconut oil. It was delicious! My roommate also used gluten-free bread. I never knew you could do gluten-free, dairy-free French toast!

Dusk at Nelson Dewey State Park

Sun setting at Nelson Dewey State Park

making ice cream

Making dairy-free ziplock bag ice cream using vanilla-flavored coconut milk–also delicious!

Wendy eating ice cream

Wendy and ice cream

tractor parade

We were sitting at the picnic area when a tractor parade went by. Tractors, as far as the eye could see. They must have driven in from miles away to be in this parade. They just kept coming and coming…

tractor parade

And then tonight back at home was a perfect night to sit out in the back yard at my homemade table with some grilled bistecca alla fiorentina and baked risotto, and imagine I was in Italy…

grilling steak

steak and risotto


Wendy: Is this really what Italy is like?

Me: Yes, this is just like Italy. (Wendy laughs)


Well, happy end of summer! It’s time to get out the fall recipes now. Do you have any favorite fall recipes to recommend?


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  1. Mom permalink

    Favorite fall recipe you ask? How about Curried Pumpkin-Apple Soup

  2. trishlee75 permalink

    Love camping cooking! Cheers!

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